Frequently Asked Questions


Q:     Will taking any of these products get me "high" or "stoned?" Are they "psychoactive"?

A:    In general, Sow Eden's products are designed to provide symptomatic relief without any discernible intoxicating effects. In fact, our products all contain no greater than 0.3% THC and often below 0.1% THC, so there is no risk of any “high.”

The term “psychoactive” should not be confused with “intoxicating.” While THC and both CBD are psychoactive in the sense that the molecules are active in the brain and work with various neurotransmitters, CBD is NOT intoxicating like THC. THC is what causes the “high” typically associated with cannabis.

Q: Will I fail a drug test after taking your products?

A: The chances of testing “dirty” on a drug test are relatively low, but we cannot guarantee 100% that you will not test dirty. The very small amount of THC could accumulate in your fat, but once again chances are very low. The best thing to do is to ask a drug testing lab or consult with your physician.

Q:     How much of the product do I take to find relief? 

A:     It's a little complicated. CBD products effect everyone differently, and what works for someone else might not  work well for you. It really just depends on your metabolism, your body weight, how active your endo-cannabinoid system is, and  various other factors. We encourage you to experiment with your "dose." It's best to start small, say 10 - 20 mg of CBD, and then build up in strength until a desired effect is achieved. For some this could be as little as 10-20 mg, but for others it could be 50 - 100 mg, or more. 


Q:     What is the difference between the Hemp Elixir 750 and the Goddess 750?

A:     Both the Hemp Elixir 750 and the Goddess 750 are sublingual tinctures, so you drop them under the tongue and hold for at least 30 seconds.

The Hemp Elixir 750 is our THC-free formula. The total CBD content in this product is 750 mg, or 50 mg CBD per mL (approx. 1 eyedropper dose). This product is formulated for those looking for relief from anxiety and inflammation without any risk of intoxication.The carrier oil used in the Hemp Elixir 750 is MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil, otherwise known as Fractionated Coconut Oil.The Hemp Elixir 750 is available in three different 100% natural and organic flavor choices: Cinnamon Turmeric, Peppermint, and Unflavored (natural).

The Goddess 750 is the same potency as the Hemp Elixir 750, so it also provides 750 mg CBD and 50 mg CBD per mL. What makes the Goddess unique and different from the Hemp Elixir is the carrier oil used and the medicinal botanicals we use to flavor the Goddess. The carrier oil is certified organic Evening Primrose oil (EPO). EPO is high in various fatty acids such as Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA is used to treat conditions that affect the skin including systemic sclerosis, psoriasis, and eczema, as well as for hormonal problems experienced by women. We use whole Madagascar beans and sweet orange oil to give the Goddess a unique and special floral flavor. Vanilla beans impart medicinal compounds called Vanilloids. Vanilla is also rich in antioxidants and provides many healing benefits for the female body.


Q:     Are Sow Eden's products made from cannabis or hemp? I've heard hemp-derived CBD is not as effective as cannabis derived CBD.

A:    There is a lot of misinformation on the internet surrounding cannabis (marijuana) and hemp. Hemp is technically cannabis, since it's classified as "cannabis sativa." Traditionally, hemp has been bred for its utilitarian purposes, such as for fiber production (i.e., clothing, rope) and seed (i.e., hemp seed oil), hence the term "industrial hemp." Upon harvest, industrial hemp must be less than 0.3% THC, since THC is listed as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance by the Federal Government. (So is hemp, by the way! But don't get us started on how ludicrous this position is).  On the other hand, hemp's well-known cousin, cannabis (or as some use the negative term, "marijuana"), has been bred for its psychoactive properties and flower production. The major breeding focus on THC over multiple decades is directly linked to a decline in natural CBD levels. Now that multiple states have legalized industrial hemp production in the U.S., the legal definition of industrial hemp is changing quickly. High CBD/low THC varieties of cannabis are now being grown as "industrial hemp" in states like Colorado and Oregon, and because they meet the < 0.3% THC restrictions set forth by the Federal government, the DEA, and the Departments of Agriculture in those respective states. When the oil is finally extracted from the high CBD hemp flowers, there are elevated levels of THC in the oil. To get around this obstacle, we mitigate the THC from the final product to meet the 0.3% THC requirement. This end product is still rich in natural terpenes, the essential oils of the plant. Terpenes may actually dictate how effective the CBD is, even more than THC. 

As far as Sow Eden's products go, we use high CBD oil from "industrial hemp/cannabis." Depending on the product, we will re-integrate THC back in to provide specific ratios of CBD:THC. This gives us the option of keeping something THC-free. But we assure you, our products work!

Q:     How is the CBD oil made? Does it contain any nasty solvents?

A:     Our CBD oil is extracted from the flowers of the highest grade CBD rich "industrial hemp." Our partner farms use  Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as the solvent to extract the oil from the plant material. We do not use chemical solvents such as butane or hexane to extract the oil. After the initial extraction with CO2, we use a secondary process which involves using food-grade organic ethanol (ethyl-alcohol) to remove other undesirable substances and compounds from the finished product. Sometimes there is some residual alcohol left in the product, but it is well below the FDA requirement of < 5000 PPM (Parts per million). There are no negative effects from the residual ethanol. In fact, the ethanol keeps the oil in a stable, flowable form. 

Q: Do the products have an expiration date?

A: The products generally expire 1 year after the born on date. Our new tincture labels have the born on date marked in red on the side. If kept in the fridge they will last significantly longer. Please keep in mind we have never had any products expire. Do not leave your product in a hot place or in direct sunlight, as this will accelerate the degradation process.