About Us


Sow Eden Organics provides a holistic approach to the effects of chronic illness through high quality CBD products.

As a society, we’ve been putting the power of our own wellness into the hands of our healthcare providers for far too long. Sow Eden™ believes in self-empowerment through natural, holistic means.


We believe in natural, plant-based medicine as a first line of defense. CBD works with the body’s own natural mechanism, the Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS). It is extremely alarming that over 80% of professionally-trained doctors have little to no knowledge of the ECS and proper nutrition.

At Sow Eden Organics, it’s not just about the concepts natural or organic – it’s about creating harmony and balance in the body with CBD. Synthetic, man-made chemicals interrupt natural rhythms and interconnected bodily systems. Pharmaceuticals change the way the body functions, causing side-effects and secondary problems that need to be fixed by other drugs. This vicious cycle can be ended with plant-based nutrition and medicine, especially CBD.

We are creating products that combine science with natural healing. We take a more scientific approach in order to create the most effective CBD products out on the market. Using our proprietary suspension technology, we carefully and methodically infuse the highest quality hemp-derived CBD extract into our full line of CBD sublingual tinctures.

We believe hemp-derived CBD is the future of medicine.

Based out of southern California, Sow Eden Organics™ manufactures ultra premium hemp-derived CBD products. We absolutely do not white label any of our  products like many other brands. We create everything from scratch and are proud to offer unique, hand-crafted, small batch CBD products derived from CO2 extract of pesticide/fungicide free and organically grown hemp flowers – not traditional fiber hemp.  Hemp-derived CBD is highly misunderstood nomenclature. We work closely with our contract farms who cultivate high resin CBD-rich varietals of cannabis that are legally grown as "industrial hemp." Once the cannabis/hemp flowers are harvested, they meet the 0.3% THC (or less) requirement set forth by the Federal Government and the Department of Food and Agriculture and are subsequently extracted into a phyto-cannabinoid rich viscous oil.  The final step involves removing any remaining levels of THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. All of our hemp-derived CBD products are THC Free or contain less than 0.3% THC.


Archaeological evidence dating from over 2,500 years ago tells us that humans were using cannabis from a very early point in our history. Hemp, otherwise known as Cannabis Sativa, has been used for thousands of years for its utilitarian, spiritual, and medicinal qualities. In fact, cannabis may be mentioned explicitly by name in the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament. The Hebrew term Qaneh Bosem ( קנה בשם) is cited as one of the ingredients used to make the holy annointing oil described in the book of Exodus (Exod 30:22-23). Following in the footsteps of these traditions, Sow Eden Organics combines ancient plant medicine with wisdom and spiritual awareness in order to cultivate balance and help the body return to its original state of harmony, a return to Eden.  



Our logo is the divine tree, the tree of life - the tree located at the center of the mythical Garden of Eden (Genesis 3) - hence the name, Sow Eden. This tree logo resembles the menorah, a symbol itself representing the tree of life - an prominent symbol in the Ancient Near East. The blue and green colors which comprise our logo symbolize creation - the sky and the earth - as well as vegetation and the life-giving waters. (The founder of Sow Eden Organics holds a M.A. degree in the Study of the Hebrew Bible). 

Note: We are in no way a religious organization, nor are we promoting any religion of any type.