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About Us ... 

Based out of southern California, Sow Eden Organics ™ strives to educate the masses on the benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) and whole-plant cannabis medicine.

Archaeological evidence dating from over 2,500 years ago tells us that humans were using cannabis from a very early point in our history. Actually, the use of cannabis may extend much deeper into our past than this, as our ancient ancestors were more in touch with the natural world and used the plant in a ritualistic / shamanistic way. At Sow Eden Organics, our goal is to bridge the past with the present, with the aim of (re)connecting people with a plant destined to interact with our human DNA and physical bodies (our Endocannabinoid system!)

Our logo is the divine tree, the tree of life––the tree located at the center of the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3). It resembles the Jewish menorah, a symbol representative of this same tree of life. The blue and green colors that comprise our logo symbolize creation––the sky and the earth––as well as vegetation and the life-giving waters. (The founder of Sow Eden Organics holds a M.A. degree in the Study of the Bible).