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Joyce - 82 Arthritis & Pain/Inflammation

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.57.16 PM.png

I am 82 years young. I have been troubled with arthritis, gout and joint inflammation. For many of those years I used Aleve to relieve much of the pain and it seemed to help. Last year after my annual physical, my doctor tells me the Aleve is negatively affecting my kidney function.

About six months ago, after surgery on my hand, my doctor prescribed a bunch of pain meds that I did not want to get involved with. My grandson told me about CBD oil. Anyways, in my search I discovered Sow Eden Organics to try and help my pain and inflammation naturally. At first I was a little leery. I didn’t want to feel high or stoned. So in the beginning I would take a capsule or two for a few days, off and on again, and didn’t really see the relief that Aleve gave me.  

But about two and a half months ago I decided to give it another try. Since then, I have been faithfully taking 2 CBD capsules each morning, and 2 CBD capsules at night (40 mg per day). I have not missed a day! I must say that once it was built up in my system, I began sleeping so much better, most of my body inflammation is gone, and I am feeling wonderful… with no side effects. I have not taken any Aleve or other pain meds in months. With these CBD capsules there is no high, no ups or downs, or that groggy feeling when you wake up in the morning from pain meds. I am a believer and will continue with this regimen!

Roger - 50 - Insomnia

Hi my name is Roger.  I am a 50 year old man.  I have used cannabis and cannabis products for years.  Most of the time it was "recreational," and probably half the time, I wish I could have gotten my money back.  

Anyways, a few years ago I started suffering from insomnia.  I would get to sleep ok, but after an hour or two I would wake and not be able to go back to sleep for hours.  I would rarely dream, and if I did I had nightmares.  Anyone who suffers from insomnia will tell you, it takes a huge toll on every aspect of your life.  With me it led to depression, and other aspects of my health followed suit.

Like most people, I first went to my Dr. and after some discussion he prescribed a sleeping pill that also treated depression.  I will condense this and just say the results were disastrous.  My sleep did improve slightly but I was a zombie the next day and to make matters worse, it rendered me all but impotent sexually and made me even more depressed.  I stopped taking the pills and decided to just get what sleep I could, when I could.

Now fast forward to a couple of months ago... I was talking to a close friend who knows about my insomnia issues, and he introduced me to the owner of Sow Eden Organics.  He and I hit it off immediately.  He told me about his line of all organic cannabis products, and I asked if he thought any of them could help my sleep issue.  He recommended his 1:1 capsules-- the "1:1" part meaning equal parts of CBD and THC. So after I got my MMJ recommendation, I grabbed some of the 1:1 capsules. The results were almost immediate.

The most obvious effect for me was that I was not waking up in the middle of the night.  My mind wasn't spinning on things I couldn't possibly change. What I didn't expect was that I began to dream again.  Not some Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band psychedelic dreams, no nightmares, just good old fashioned normal dreams.

I am not the guy that writes testimonials all day.  I am not looking to be the Elmer Dills of cannabis but, I did feel compelled to give something back to this person (Sow Eden Organics) for what they gave me.

If you suffer, as I did with insomnia, I urge you to try Sow Eden Organics 1:1 capsules.  They are made from the finest organic cannabis by people with integrity and heart.  Sow Eden Organics, you have a customer for life.

Sincerely, Roger HPC from Arcadia, CA!

Nichole - 35 - Pain and Anxiety

My name's Nichole, and about 2 months ago I began taking Sow Eden's CBD capsules for my anxiety and  for the inflammation in my shoulder. I seriously feel like a new person. I had really bad anxiety. My heart always felt like it was in my throat when I had to be around crowds and in new situations, so I started to take the capsules when I knew situations would be stressful. The capsules made me feel really calm! As for my shoulder injury and inflammation, the capsules help in taking the edge off.  I now take 1- 2 capsules a day and can tell my shoulder is not as tight after a long day of work. Thank you, Sow Eden, for the CBD and all of its amazing qualities!

Tony - 50 - Pain, Inflammation, Healing

I broke my ankle 1.5 years ago. I dislocated it, and fractured it in three different places. Needless to say it was extremely painful resulting in two surgeries. I had two screws,  a plate with 8 pins, and a cord going from side to side across the front of my ankle as the end result. The only thing I was offered for pain and inflammation was opioids and Motrin 800.

Since the initial surgery, I've been in constant pain and have had major periodic swelling. I tried to live with it but to no avail. I wasn't able to exercise and do the activities I typically enjoyed. So I chose to have all the hardware removed in February 2017.

I have a close friend who has cancer and I found Sow Eden Organics through her after doing some research. She has had great success with their 24:1 tincture. She actually recommended I take it to help me with my surgery in leu of the synthetics. Aside from the addictive aspect of the opioids they didn’t relax me. I didn’t sleep well or enjoy the mood swings, nor did the family members helping with my care.

I bought some of the CBD capsules as well as the 1:1 Capsules and took them (1 capsule 3 times a day for two weeks). My results have been nothing short of amazing. I wasn’t moody, I slept like a champ, and my inflammation was minimal. I am sharing photos -- they are gross but make the point. The first is two weeks post surgery (1.5  years ago). The second was when I returned home after having my bandages & sutures removed 2 weeks post op. Feb 2017. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

 First surgery - 2 weeks after surgery (without CBD) 

First surgery - 2 weeks after surgery (without CBD) 

 Second surgery - 2 weeks after surgery (with CBD)

Second surgery - 2 weeks after surgery (with CBD)


Lucy - 12 - Lymphoma, Appetite

My name is Lucy. I am a 12 year old Tabby Cat and I recently got very ill. I completely lost my appetite and couldn’t hold down any food (and I love food). I wasn’t myself at all. So I went to the Vet and he discovered I had an inoperable tumor and he suspects lymphoma, which is really common in cats my age. So he prescribed me Prednisone and subcontalious fluid every other day. This was working well but I still wasn’t 100%. During my follow up visit two weeks later I had in fact lost more weight and I just wasn’t getting much better. The vet said I was on hospice, but I knew I still had a few more lives left!!! I had heard about the use of CBD oil for pets and thought, “Hey, why not?” I’ve been using it for about a month now and I regained my appetite. I also gained back 1 pound in 2 weeks. My coat is back to its fluffiness and I am back to myself again. You would never know anything was wrong with me. I’m sow glad I found you! Thank you so much! 

Russ - 60 - Fibromyalgia, Depression

My name is Russ Ramirez.  I am sixty years old and have been living with fibromyalgia for seventeen years.  It took nearly six years before the actual diagnoses. Prior to the diagnoses, I was given anti-depressants and pain medication.  The diagnoses helped me to realize I wasn’t imagining my symptoms and pharmaceuticals weren't the path to help heal my already painful existence.  Fast forward to the change in my state government's policy regarding marijuana use for medical purposes.  Becoming aware of CBD oil and researching it for its healing properties, I decided it was worth the effort to try CBD oil for my painful life.   Thankfully, using CBD oil has helped relieve both my pain and other ailments that occur with fibromyalgia.  I realize for every person living with fibromyalgia their experience is different in regards to symptoms but I would recommend an effort to at least try CBD oil as part of your daily routine.

Zac - 28 - Pain Management, Heel Reconstruction

Early last year when I had no idea about the potentials of CBD, I had to undergo a full heel reconstruction. Actually, I had been on pain medication for over 5 years prior to my surgery and unfortunately was taking 25 micrograms of Fentanyl every few days to barely get me through the severe pain. You can imagine how bitter I was due to my disposition. But I became really alarmed about taking this stuff when my very own cousin passed away DUE TO PAIN MEDICATION! His system was not used to taking it. After realizing the number of lives that are lost due to pain management and doctor's orders, I went looking for something else, something more natural. I can say that I was truly blessed when I found CBD and its full healing potential. One year later & I now take no pain medication whatsoever and only a daily regiment of CBD. Sow Eden's 1:1 Capsules have helped me turn my life around. A lot of people tell me I'm an entirely different person. I'm not going to lie though. I still have minor pain here & there, but it's nothing I can't put up with and nothing I would be willing to jeopardize my life & body by going back on pain medication.
CBD is truly a blessing, & I am thankful for it everyday!

Scout - 13 - Old Age, Arthritis, Injury

Scout is a 13 year old male Keeshond.  He has had great challenges and discomfort from old age, an earlier injury and arthritic stiffness.

The many improvements he has shown since starting the CBDA oil are vast. He is smiling again. He is rising up and down from a lying position in short order and without discomfort. His appetite is back. His quench for thirst has returned. His other (prescribed drugs) have already been lowered by half after not even 3 weeks. He himself has returned unmasked after removing powerful prescribed narcotics and being replaced by a more systemic healing by the CBDA oil. The most dramatic change seen is: before CBDA he had become so inflexible and arthritic, that when he slept his legs remained in the air off the ground like an open umbrella unable to touch ground. Now his legs touch the ground softly and relaxed. Now as he sleeps his body is repairing itself in complete rest.  I’m being reintroduced to the sweet loving nature of a dog now out of pain, and able to “be in the moment.”  He is sleeping through the night. He no longer cries or moans in his sleep. The most loving time of an animal’s life may very well be in their old age. Now, a sweet, loving, gentle, trusting nature emerges. What a great gift it is to be on the receiving end of a loving, free from pain older pet. Thank you, Sow Organics' CBDA!

By the way, here is what I do for dosing: I take the CBDA syringe and mix it into a few ounces of luke warm coconut oil. I mix the CBDA oil and the carrier oil very well. I give him a 1/2 tsp dose3 x's a day (upon waking, middle of his day, and before bed). By preparing his next dose, right after giving his current dose the oil mixture is easier to shape into the tsp. After cooling and solidifying the dose pops out of spoon and slides right down his throat.

~ Victoria Conter (Scout's mom)

Susan - 62 - Workout Enthusiast w/ Arthritis


Hi, I'm Susan. I'm 62 and very active. I work out every day. Zumba, palates, yoga and body works/weights. I found out this year I have arthritis in my back. My daughter told me to google CBD oil, because taking ibuprofen all the time wasn't good for my body. So I looked into it. I starting taking one CBD capsule a day in the morning. I totally forgot that I had back pain. Working out didn't bother me. I went away for a week and didn't take the pills with me... Thought I'd see if they really worked. My mistake. Boy, did I feel my back pain. Back home and back to my miracle pill. The benefits are so much more.

                                                              ~ Susan Santarelli

Mary - 58 - Insomnia / Neuralgia Pain

My story began with a near fatal car accident and a subsequent spinal fusion surgery involving titanium plates and screws in my neck, along with neuralgia pain in the right arm, upper back and right leg.

Over the past 10 years the pain has been accompanied by increasingly severe insomnia, to the degree that with significant medication I could only sleep 30 to 45 minutes before waking up.

The battle to get sleep is a relentless one. And you face it every single day. There's nothing like tossing and turning for hours, every night. Only those who have experienced severe insomnia can truly understand what it does to you. It severely incapacitates you both physically and mentally. Lack of sleep caused me to have disorientation, poor coordination, ever increasing neuralgia pain, headaches, and a general feeling of a very bad flu. In addition, it causes you to be mentally exhausted. And you begin to feel hopeless when there is no cause for hopelessness - aside from the mental and physical fatigue and pain. I did not allow myself to drive when I had not gotten sufficient sleep, as insomnia has such an impact on coordination capability. So this problem increasingly affected my life.

I have never been a person who took drugs, or liked to take drugs. In fact, I detest taking pills. The one occasion where I took a single Tylenol p.m. on a long flight, I was knocked out for 12 hours.

Over the past 10 years, I have increased the number of drugs taken in direct correlation to a desperate attempt to get sleep and reduce pain. At the worst point I was taking five Tylenol p.m. 500 mg, five Advil p.m. 500 mg, Gabapentin, Nucynta, Ambien CR, and Unisom 25 mg -- up to six of each at night!!! Clearly I did not develop this resistance overnight, but over years. However, the increasing number of drugs I had to take to get relief became ridiculous. In addition to my pharmaceutical dependency, I was employing holistic measures: Sleepytime tea, Zen Bev, and other herbal mixtures along with proper diet and all recommended sleep habits at night:  dark room, cool room, no electronics, etc.

My friend who has watched me struggle over the years recommended Jacob from Sow Eden to me. Though I did not know Jacob, I have known his mother for many years. She is a seasoned business woman and I trust and respect her. Jacob proved to be a knowledgeable, kind, and generous person, who took sincere interest in my problem and provided recommendations on what he thought would help. Jacob mixes percentages of CBD oil, and THC oil, into capsules that provide the most benefit for me, the 1:1 ratio.

I have been taking both the pure CBD and 1:1 products for approximately four months now. At the beginning the progress was slow. But because I track my sleep daily down to the minute with my wrist band, I could tell that there was a slight improvement even in the beginning.

In the past two months, I have taken no over-the-counter medication or prescriptions of any kind. I only take the CBD/THC oil and magnesium citrate (400 mg). I have gotten up to five hours of sleep almost consecutively, which for me is nothing short of miraculous.

I am so grateful to my friend for recommending Jacob to me. Her help has been life changing.

When I can sleep without tossing and turning, not watching the clock hour after hour, but instead wake up several hours later having slept, there are no words to describe how good that feels.


Lauren - 25 - Anxiety and Sleep


My name is Lauren and I am 25 years old. I started taking CBD oil for my anxiety as a natural alternative to anxiety medication. I have been taking one eye dropper full of Sow Eden's CBD oil (the 750 mg tincture) every day for about two months, split into two 25 mg doses, and I feel amazing! I have not had to take other anxiety medication in so long, and I just feel all-around better. I only started to take CBD for my anxiety, but I have noticed various other benefits as well. I have not had any trouble sleeping, I have not had headaches, and I even think that the CBD prevents me from having hangovers! I also know that the quality of this oil is the best and is completely organic, unlike so many other CBD oil brands. It has been really wonderful to find something that works so well for me that is totally natural. I am so happy that I started taking this!

Amy - 72 - Stage IV Brain/Lung Cancer

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 12.07.13 AM.png

My name is Mark. This testimonial is on behalf of my mom, Amy. On July 10th, 2017, my mom suffered a third dizzy spell within a 2 week timespan, heavy headedness, and radiating pain in the back of her head. The only thing different the third time was she fell and injured herself on the way down. She hit her face on the coffee table and could not get up. Miraculously, she was able to dial 911 on her phone with her poor eyesight. When she arrived in the ER they ran a battery of tests and they suspected she suffered a stroke. The tests revealed no sign of stroke. The tests that would come later revealed what the 2 prior trips did not. What we suspected and were certain of was she suffered a stroke. That was the worst scenario we could imagine.

In the Neuro wing of Long Beach Memorial Medical center, the doctors gave us the news we were not expecting. They ran multiple MRIs on her brain, CT Scans of her brain and torso, bloodwork, & X-Rays of her chest. On July 16th, 2017 the Oncologist told us my mom had lesions in her left lung and “concerning” areas in her brain. It was not yet definitive until they ordered a PET Scan and biopsy of the lung growth. As it turns out, the lesions were in fact malignant. She was officially diagnosed with Stage IV brain and lung cancer. We were heartbroken. My mom had beat breast cancer twice with chemo, radiation, and full mastectomy of both breasts at age 48 and at 59. Chemo not only kills the cancer cells, but it kills the soul. She knew full well what chemo did to her mind and spirit. At the age of 71 she could not fathom going through chemo again. We had to find another way to cure cancer.

What most people do when they look for answers when professionals can’t seem to give a straight one is they turn to the internet. I searched every possible treatment; alternative or conventional, and homeopathic to cure or beat cancer. I asked people who had beat cancer and I asked colleagues whose parents passed away or survived what they used or did. I turned to everyone I could and they all said the same thing. Look up CBD! I searched and searched and a particular friend from the past who has been in remission from breast cancer for 8 years and counting, attributed her cure to the ingestion of CBD oil.

Now if you don’t know anything about CBD and where to get it from, you are not alone. There has been a lot of hype and spin surrounding this “miracle oil” due to what I believe was created by the specials on CNN, OAN, HuffPost, and MSNBC documentaries, and of course this race to commercialize it and to make it a mainstream cure-all after legalization. The sad truth is you will find that some growers and distributors and sellers alike see cannabis only as a cash crop and are only interested in profits. As a result, the choice regarding who you will source it from is so much harder than you would think. I learned during countless nights of searching, is that irresponsible growers can actually grow plants that can be more harmful to your health. Why is that? Again, my best guess is their motive is higher yield and that equals more profit at any cost.

Finding the right company felt like a crap shoot. Through Facebook, we asked our friend where we could source pesticide and fungicide-free organic CBD oil. She recommended Sow Eden Organics. I looked them up and read about countless other companies relating to terpenes, carbon dioxide extraction methods, solvent this solvent-less that and I made the decision to place my trust in Sow Eden Organics. I placed my mom’s life on something I knew nothing about. I knew chemo would kill my mom and I had to take a chance and calculate the risk as best as I could. My mom’s quality of life was more important. I would call it a moment of desperation but when you’ve seen someone endure chemo, you just can’t do it again. My mom gave me her blessing to give it a go.

On my mom’s 72nd birthday Aug 4th 2017, she had been 2 weeks into an introduction to CBD oil. We were placing an amount the size of a grain of rice sublingually daily before bed. I carefully monitored her reactions to observe any effects, bad or good. She took to it extremely well and there were no bad interactions whatsoever. After 1 week we gradually increased her CBD oil consumption to 2 grams of CBD oil spread out with 4 “000” gelatin capsules a day. The effects were mind blowing. The first positive signs we saw that something was happening was her headaches were gone, her dizziness went away, and her eyesight improved. She had said her eyesight was deteriorating from the hypertension and diabetes. The best part was yet to come. As we kept at it, we noticed her blood pressure decreased from a 195/81 down to an average of 132/77, which is huge because she suffered from chronic hypertension and was prescribed 4 hypertension drugs, and 1 for heart arrhythmias. She now only takes 1 hypertension drug.

We knew we had to keep it going and despite not seeing concrete results, we struggled to keep my mom’s spirits up. There were moments she became skeptical. She decided radiation was a sure thing and she underwent 5 weeks of cranial radiation. It was a struggle to keep her mind from giving in and giving up. She cried non-stop. We needed to do all we could to increase the chance the tumor in her lung would shrink, stop spreading, and the inoperable brain cancer was resolving somehow. She had a scheduled CT Scan at which point I made it my goal to make sure I can give her a glimpse of hope in an oil I knew nothing more than google searches and YouTube Videos. This was the moment of truth and a window into what we were looking forward to. Overly optimistic?

Perhaps, but you have to believe in something for it to work. We had to wait and stay consistent. Any medication that is ingested, has low bioavailability – meaning your body only utilizes a fraction of the medication in your system and the rest is waste. This is why I made the decision to increase her intake to 2 grams of CBD oil a day (1500 mg CBD). Though it may seem aggressive to some I knew flooding her system with CBD oil would get the right amounts to her lung and brain. I knew more could get delivered directly to the lesions in her lung without the CBD getting metabolized by her liver and wasting the rest. At this point I reached out again to Sow Eden and asked if the CBD oil we sourced was compatible with vaporizers and fortunately for my mom the same oil we placed in capsules easily vaporizers as well. I purchased a Dr. Dabber Boost E-rig recommended by Sow Eden and convinced my mom why we needed totry this method. I had to draw diagrams for her to understand. The CBD oil when heated transforms to a vapor or what looks like smoke and it is inhaled through this E-rig. The vapor entered directly into her lungs, bypassed the stomach, large and small intestines, and liver for direct absorption to the lesion (tumor) in her lung. Presumably, it went directly into the blood stream that supplies her brain as well. Every night before bed she takes a tiny amount in the E-rig and inhales it.

Now it was time for the CT Scan. Exactly 2 months into her CBD regimen, the CT Scan results showed the lesion shrank. Yes! Shrank in size from the first measurement during the biopsy to the CT Scan results on Oct 4th 2017. My mom refused chemotherapy, refused the Dexamethasone (steroid), and on my recommendation she took the CBD oil and the lesion improved. In the absence of chemotherapy and no other treatment except the presence of CBD oil in her system the lesion decreased in size. Though her Oncologist had experiences with other patients taking CBD, the doctor said he was pleasantly surprised her type of cancer did not grow larger.

Today as I write this (Oct 25th), we were given more results for comparative bloodwork on cancer indicators (CA 19-9) that went from 1849.2 on July 26th to 903.3 on Oct 18th, to which point the oncologist stated he was puzzled by the decrease of the CA 19-9 markers in the absence of chemo. We are thrilled by the results but also motivated to keep fighting. I had to write this testimonial to give hope to others and guide you to Sow Eden and skip the rest. There is so much to report on - from the side effects of the radiation to the nausea and lack of appetite but Sow Eden gave us what we needed and we couldn’t be happier. We are on a road to remission and we plan to kick cancer’s ass.

I hope to add more good news to this and hope this provides some sort of light at the end of that seemingly long tunnel.


Today is November 22, 2017, and we have so much to be thankful for. I am happy to report the most recent results. On November 17th my mom got an MRI with and without the contrast dye. The results today were in! The lining or covering of the brain was negative for cancer. Results: resolved, no existence of growth or spreading! Now we wait for the next test for the lungs. Shrink baby, shrink!

******* Mark will be providing frequent updates about his mother, Amy ********


Tiffany - 32 - Ulcerative Colitis / Sleep

If you would have told me two months ago that I would be singing the praises of this CBD oil, I would not have believed you. The truth is: cannabis has never been for me, and with my lack of experience with it all, I wouldn't have been able to tell you how CBD was any different than THC. I am now a believer! I have an auto immune condition called Ulcerative Colitis. For me personally, it's typically mild and gives me little problems. In fact, I don't even take medication regularly. Due to various life circumstances, this changed recently and I have been suffering through a terrible flare that has led me to searching for relief in many forms. I found myself begging my husband to pick me up a bottle of the Sow Eden CBD tincture with cinnamon and turmeric. I was hoping it would allow me to sleep through the night and alleviate the pain I was feeling. On the first night, I literally slept until morning. I was happy with just the extra sleep, but then on the second night I even experienced some symptom relief! I couldn't believe that this was making a difference... and so quickly. My only regret is that I wish I had turned to this product SO much sooner. I will always have this in my arsenal. Thank you, Sow Eden!

Colleen image.jpg

Colleen – 60 - Stage IV Appendiceal Cancer

I'm Ken, and I wrote this testimonial on behalf of my wife, Colleen. After my wife went through a successful surgery where her appendix, a portion of her colon, and many lymph nodes were removed, some of which had cancer, she began a low dose chemotherapy (pill form) regimen. 6 months later we were told she was in remission.

9 months later she went through a hysterectomy where a large tumor was removed containing more of the same cancer. It had metastasized through her lymph nodes. Stage IV confirmed. We were advised to begin aggressive chemotherapy as soon as possible.

That's when the research began. I studied day and night to find alternative treatments and other courses of action. We knew that as soon as she was able, we had to do something to rid her body of cancer. We estimated that we had about 4 weeks to decide what to do while she healed from surgery. I combed the internet, read books and talked to many different people in search of success stories from around the world.

During this time we visited other doctors and hospitals for second and third opinions. The doctors offered chemotherapy. They also offered medication to relieve the symptoms from the chemotherapy. The doctors did tell us that after going through 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy they could not guarantee she would gain one extra day of life. That's all my wife needed to hear. She agreed to take the alternative path.

From the research we had done, we knew we had to start by finding a nutritionist skilled in cancer. We were lucky enough to find one in our locale that shared our treatment decision. She became our coach and someone that we could share our research with.

Here is what we learned we had to do:

1.     Create an environment where cancer cannot thrive.

2.     Build up the immune system to fight it.

3.     Kill the cancer cells naturally or force them to change into non-cancerous cells.Creating the right environment and fixing her immune system is done through diet and supplements. The cancer diet is very hard but my wife does not cheat...ever! She also takes many supplements each day. Her nutritionist monitors her every two to four weeks and adjusts her supplements regularly.

The third items is done through two protocols. CBD oil and using the Rife machine we purchased. We contacted Sow Eden Organics because we only wanted the purest organic Co2 extracted CBD oil available. Since my wife cannot tolerate any psychoactive effects, the staff at Sow Eden made sure the oil they sent was the correct formula to do the job without any adverse affects on my wife. They worked closely with us using their lab tested products to ensure that the product they sent us would be effective.

We are happy to report that ever since we started our alternative protocol, her levels have continued to drop and her scans are clear. Now, 14 months later, we are relaxed and enjoying life. She is still doing all her protocols and taking her CBD three times daily, but there are no signs of cancer. We believe that the Sow Eden CBD Oil was instrumental in attacking her cancer. We may move to lower doses in the future but we dare not stop using the CBD oil. We are now moving to their CBD capsules which are comprised of the same formula we have been using.

Thank you Sow Eden and your staff for supplying us with the high quality product we needed and the advice on how to properly use it. Your quick responses and knowledge about your product gave us confidence that we working with a good company. We highly recommend Sow Eden Organics and are glad to have found them.

Shaun - 30 - Anxiety

My name is Shaun, I am 30 years old and have had anxiety issues for several years. After trying several things that were supposed to help anxiety I stumbled upon CBD. I tried several brands and found Sow Eden Organics! So happy I found them because now I am back to doing things without the anxiety symptoms like feeling like I can't breath and tingling in my neck and hands and so on.... I take one 10mg CBD capsule everyday with breakfast. I have been taking them for about 3 months now and it has been amazing! I can enjoy social gatherings and not worry all the time. It took about 2 weeks to really notice a difference and every month it seems to get better and better. I would and do recommend CBD to anyone with anxiety issues. 

Ted - 14 - Arthritis & Pain


Our 14 year old dog Ted has been without a rear leg for 12 years and has suffered from serious arthritis, hip dysplasia, and nerve issues for the past four years. The pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories from the vet were helping his pain but started causing numerous adverse health effects that were life threatening long-term. With no other options, we tried CBD and were amazed at the positive results. After testing numerous CBD products, we have been most impressed with Sow Eden’s Raw CBDA oil and have had great results for over a year. We typically give him 15-20mg of CBDA (we would recommend starting much smaller than this) with breakfast and dinner in addition to glucosamine, turmeric and the occasional tramadol as needed. His energy levels are significantly improved and we are so glad to have found Snow Eden’s products. Thank you!

More testimonials coming soon...