Customer Review of the Month

Over the last year I have tried several brands of CBD oil so I can tell you they are not all created equal. Sow Eden’s Hemp Elixir 750 has helped me so much. I have non-diabetic neuropathy in my feet and it is terribly painful. I was taking upwards of 4 pills of 100 mg each of Lyrica per day, which is a huge amount, plus pain meds just to manage the pain I was in each day. With taking the Sow Eden CBD oil twice per day I am down to 1 pill per day, sometimes I don’t even need to take that. It has been such a life saver. Being able to cut down on the amount of pills with suspect side effects is such a blessing and I am so grateful to have found Sow Eden. I share their info with anyone I can and have made so many new customers for them. I hope they continue to grow and more people reap the benefits of their wonderful products!

— Kris Wyatt, Customer



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